Welcome to the Official Website of YoDanHere and WelshDragonDsG

Hey all welcome to my official website of my both channels which are 'YoDanHere' and 'WelshDragonDsG'. On this website you should expect to see all of my latest videos and I will keep you up-to-date on my latest videos and new videos which will be coming out soon. Please enjoy. :)

What am I doing with my life. (Personally Information). As you know my name is Dan (Daniel), I am 18 years old and I can drive, I am driving a Ford Focus L.X. I am currently in college studying Creative Media Production which have everything to offer with the media industry such as Video, Magazines and Radio etc. This is my first year in college (Sept. 2010), but before that I was studying AS-Levels in Sixth-Form which were Media Studies, Business Studies, Information Technology and Graphic Design. The reason I didn't continue with these subjects was that I did not enjoy the exams they were a NIGHTMARE. I passed the majority of them FYI. 

Things that I enjoy to do. I am the same as most teenagers, I enjoy hanging with friends, love going out on Friday nights and just having a laugh and enjoy life. Some of the more unique things that I like to do is editing videos and working with photoshop and that is one of the main reasons I took my Media course, I am using photoshop at the moment making signatures and also wallpapers. Also I like to play video games such as the Call of Duty Series and also FIFA. So if you fancy a game one day add me on Xbox Live: DSGriffiths and PSN: RoversDaniel.



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