Who am I? and What do I do?

Hello, my name is Daniel and I am 18 year old student. I am currently doing a BTEC course in Creative Media Production which is the practical side of Media Studies. In the course I produce videos such as drama's, adverts and also documentaries etc. 

I have two youtube accounts. On my main channel which is WelshDragonDsG which I have over 3000 subscribers. On that channel I produce gaming video's which mainly consist of FIFA gaming video's. I have been producing a Manager Mode for the game. I am currently in Season 3 at the moment and I am enjoy every moment of it. :) Thanks for reading, Hopefully you guys will come on over and watch.

Channel link - http://tinyurl.com/5uazvl5

My second channel which I have only recently started. I produce vlogs and skits on that channel. What I do on this channel is talk about recent events such as youtube news and also world news. Hope you guys will pop on over to that channel and hits us up with a comment, a subscription and also a thumps up.

Channel link - http://tinyurl.com/6am8hts


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